Key Dates

1962 - Founding of the Findhorn Foundation community

1982 - Ecovillage Project and land purchase initiates

1990 -  Beginning of intensive building programme

1995 -  Eco-villages Conference and global launch of Global Ecovillage Network

1997 -  Findhorn Foundation granted NGO status by Department of Public Information of the United Nations

1998 -  UH Habitat Best Practice Designation

2001 -  Establishment of Cooperative Ekopia and community share issues

2005 -  Establishment of CIFAL Findhorn, UNITAR Affiliated Training Centre

2006 -  Publication by Stockholm Institute of Findhorn Ecovillage Ecological Foot-print

2008 -  Opening of Moray Arts Centre

2012 -  Establishment of co-housing neighborhood East-Whins

2017-  Charity of the Year in the People Environment Achievement Awards UK