Ecological Footprint Study

Findhorn Ecovillage scores record low ecological footprint

A study issued in 2007 has found that the Findhorn Ecovillage in Moray, Scotland has recorded the lowest-ever ecological footprint for any community in the industrialised world. Ecological footprinting is a tool to measure the consumption of resources and the creation of wastes, and is increasingly relevant to the world of today where energy efficiency and sustainability are critical in our efforts to combat climate change.

The community's footprint is a fraction over half the national average, meaning that the average resident in the community consumes just one half of the resources and generates one half of the waste of the average citizen of the UK.

The study was undertaken by GEN-Europe (the Global Ecovillage Network) in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Research Centre (SDRC) in Forres. Technical support was provided by the internationally-recognised footprinting consultants, the Stockholm Environment Institute based at the University of York.

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Findhorn Ecovillage The Park Findhorn IV36 3TZ, Scotland, UK